.Blessings. & .Raindrops.

no matter how old i get i will always love you winnie the pooh <3

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Keep gooiinng peeps x

I just find this cool.

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Take it, keep it and shield it :)

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I am glad I have you :*

we agrue and kiss - i love that i can make up and fight and make up with you :)

When you open up you can never go back … 

Nothing greater than his love.

Before I start I want to ask those reading this a question: You can do this on a piece of paper or do in your head but I’d advice you to use a piece of paper. There will be a couple of questions and you will just write the answers down.

What does love mean to you or what is it to you?
Now where,…

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Forgive, no matter how hard do that so it would kill you in the future.

Having someone accept you for the real you - can it get any better

Only if i could this to you right now hehe :D

Wish I could just hug you like this :*

Best love story ever :’)

what any woman wants ;D

MAYYYNN need to get these shirts with my baby :* 

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